International Account Executive (Ringostat)

  1. Краткое описание вакансии

    Our new International Account Executive will be responsible for inbound and outbound sales to new business markets with a focus on the USA.

  2. Основные требования к будущему сотруднику на этой позиции

    1. Профессиональные знания и навыки:

      1. Advanced English both verbal and written.
      2. Experience of successful.
      3. Strong inbound/outbound sales skills.
      4. Willingness to develop new business markets and making contacts with people.
      5. Prominent communication & presentation skills.
      6. PC, Excel, Word, Spreadsheets, CRM literate.
    2. Личные качества:

      1. High level of energy.
      2. Outstanding goal orientation.
      3. Fast information processing.
      4. Positive attitude.
    3. Будет плюсом:

      1. Sales of a software product, cloud service or other IT solution.
      2. Basic knowledge of SEO, PPC, web analytics, IP telephony.
  3. Функциональные обязанности:

    1. Expand customers portfolio with new clients and partners.
    2. Cold callings to prospective leads.
    3. Handle incoming customer sales inquiries.
    4. Conducting online demo presentations.
    5. Chat messaging and writing e-mails to inbound/outbound leads.
    6. Ensure excellent client relations on a long-term basis.
  4. Что мы предлагаем сотруднику на данной должности:

    1. Working at top-performing IT company.
    2. Comfortable office in the city center.
    3. Lots of opportunities for fast career growth.
    4. Constant training and development program.
    5. Official employment, 24 working days of annual paid vacation and paid sick leave.
    6. English classes with a native speaker.
    7. Private forum, its own Wikipedia and its own library.
    8. The possibility of visiting specialized and non-core events.
    9. Corporate football teams and participation in tournaments at the expense of the company.
    10. Night shift 15.00-0.00 with 1 hour lunch break.
    11. Taxi ride late hours is provided by the company.
  5. Зачем работает наш «International Account Executive»

    The main purpose of the position is to expand Ringostat brand to international markets and achieve all sales KPI during a daily job.

  6. Критерии, по которым будут оцениваться результаты работы данного специалиста:

    Achievement of the KPI.

  7. Наличие командировок и их процент от рабочего времени

    No business trips. 100% office job (inside sales department).

  8. Соотношение работы в офисе, встреч с клиентами

    Working at the office – 100%.

  9. Что есть плохого в работе на данной должности:

    Our tasks are very ambitious. So, be prepared for a hard job to achieve prominent results.

  10. Место специалиста в структуре компании

    1. Отдел, в котором будет работать специалист

      Sales Department.

    2. Количество сотрудников в отделе


    3. Кому подчиняется данный сотрудник

      Head of Sales Department

    4. Предполагается ли наличие подчиненных, их количество


    5. Предполагаемый карьерный рост на этой позиции

      You can grow horizontally: Junior, Middle, Middle+ specialist depending on your skills.

      You can grow vertically: Senior Manager, Team Leader, Department Head.

  11. Условия работы

    1. Продолжительность испытательного срока

      Probation period lasts 3 months and includes salary.

    2. Наличие премий

      Bonuses for KPI performance.

  12. Что сделать, чтобы работать на позиции «International Account Executive»

    Fill out the questionnaire, do the test task and pass interviews.

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